Volunteers are appointed for a two-year term and are eligible to serve a maximum of three terms on any one Committee.

Annual Meeting Committee
Chair: Sunil Sheth                                    Vice-Chair: Sunil Sheth              

Research Committee                                Chair: Maxim Mokin                                  Vice-Chair: Alicia Castonguay

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Subcommittee
Chair: Randall Edgell                                Vice-Chair: Nicole Gonzales

Registry Committee 
Co-Chair: David Liebeskind
Co-Chair: Diogo Haussen
Co-Chair: Raul Nogueira

Executive Committee
Chair: David Liebeskind

Social Media & Digital Strategy Committee
Chair: Fawaz Al-Mufti                                Vice-Chair: Mohammad El-Ghanem


Education Committee
Chair: Robin Novakovic-White 
Vice-Chair: Kaiz Asif 

SPEED Committee
Chair: Brijesh Mehta
Vice-Chair: Robin Novakovic-White


Fundraising Committee          Chair: Santiago Ortega-Gutierrez     


                                                                    GAPS                                                           Chair: Osama (Sam) Zaidat
Vice-Chair: Amer Malik 


INNIH Taskforce                                         Chair: Sunil Sheth

MT2020 Committee
Chair: Dileep Yavagal
Vice-Chair: Santiago Ortega-Gutierrez


Membership Committee
Chair: Mikayel Grigoryan
Vice-Chair: Edgar A. Samaniego

SILC Committee 
Chair: Osama Zaidat 
Vice-Chair: Vallabh Janardhan


Standards for Practice Parameters & Guidelines Committee
Chair: Osama (Sam) Zaidat
Vice-Chair: Amer Malik


STEP Taskforce                                          Chair: David Liebeskind

SVIN Break 
Chair: Alexandra Czap
Vice-Chair: Violize Inoa


WebNIR Tutorials Committee
Chair: Maxim Mokin
Vice-Chair: Thabele Leslie-Mawzi


WIN Subommittee
Chair: Robin Novakovic-White

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