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The Society of Vascular and Interventional Neurology (SVIN) was created to achieve the highest level of care for patients through increased collaboration in scientific research and by educating young professionals and training young investigators.  The Society also aims to provide opportunities to connect leaders in the field and provide a common ground for dialogue and the creation of practice and safety standards. View the SVIN Mission here.

By joining our member network within SVIN, you become connected with an elite group of premier neurologists, hospitalists, and other healthcare professionals in the fields of vascular and interventional neurology. SVIN also offers educational and training opportunities within the field (CME credits available), networking at collaborative SVIN Events and Conferences, and opportunities to get involved with SVIN committees and taskforces.

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Membership Categories

Active Membership: $525 Annually

  • For Board Certified Interventional Neurologists. 

Vascular Neurologist, Neurocritical Care, Neurologist, Neurohospitalists Membership: $250 Annually

  • For Board Certified Neurologists or physicians practicing in a neurology sub-specialty outside of interventional neurology. 

Physician Affiliate Membership: $250 Annually

  • For physicians in other specialties practicing in clinical or non-clinical fields.

Advanced Practice Provider, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician's Assistant Membership: $175 Annually

  • For licensed practitioners who spend much of their time with patients (excludes physicians).  Applicants must be engaged in clinical practice relating to neurology. 

Junior Membership: $100 Annually

  • For young physicians or post-doctoral fellows who have graduated from an accredited or recognized medical school or a school of osteopathy and who are engaged in post-graduate studies directed toward completing a neurology training program, or Doctors of Philosophy (PhD), who are completing post-doctoral research training.

Intern/Student Membership: $75 Annually, FREE with applicable verification

  • For all eligible students and interns, the SVIN membership fees will be waived.  Please send the SVIN Executive Office a Letter of Verification from your supervising professor and/or internship site confirming your student/intern status.

Nurses, Technicians, and Other Allied Health Professionals Membership: $75 Annually

  • For health professionals that support providers in neuro-based specialties and/or research.

Organizational or Institutional Membership: Starting At $405 Annually 

  • Open to administrators, HR personnel, researchers, industry members, and other health care leaders from organizations that provide neuro-based care and/or research.  If interested in applying for membership as an organization or group with at least five or more individuals, please contact the SVIN Executive Office via to start the application process. 

World Bank Pricing for International Members

SVIN has tiered pricing based upon specialty, training level, and geographic region.  Reduced rates may apply for members dependent upon a member's country of residence. Please CLICK HERE to view a list of Low Income and Lower Middle Income countries to see if your country of residence qualifies for reduced membership pricing. Please use the corresponding coupon code below when paying your membership dues to receive the discounted rate.  

Member Type US & Middle High/High Income Lower Middle Income Countries Discounted Total Lower Middle Income
Coupon Code
Low Income Countries Discounted Total Low Income
Coupon Code
Active $525 $238.87 WBA-Active23 $88.64 WBB-Active23
Vascular Neurologist, Neurocritical Care, Neurologist, Neurohospitalists $250 $113.65 WBA-Vascular23 $41.75 WBB-Vascular23
Physician Affiliate $250 $113.65 WBA-Affiliate23 $41.75 WBB-Affiliate23
Advanced Practice Provider, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician's Assistant $175 $79.62 WBA-APP23 $29.22 WBB-APP23
Junior $100 $45.50 WBA-Junior-2023 $16.70 WBB-Junior23
Intern/Student $75 FREE w/ verification FREE w/ verification
Nurses, Technicians, and other Allied Health Professionals $75 $34.14 WBA-Allied23 $12.52 WBB-Allied23

*Please note that World Bank Discount Codes DO NOT automatically apply to membership auto-renewal features. You must manually enter the appropriate coupon each membership renewal season.*

Contact the Executive Office at or 202.367.1143 

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