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The SVIN Registry

Welcome to the SVIN Registry. The SVIN Registry was created due to the perceived need for an independent and high-quality surveillance system to assess the real-world clinical characteristics, procedural variables, and outcomes of patients with large vessel occlusion acute ischemic strokes (LVOS). Additionally, it was designed to provide a useful tool for hospitals to analyze, report, and improve quality of patient care at a local level.

Below you can find a descriptions of the necessary steps for site activation and information regarding the project progress. Please do not hesitate contacting us for further discussions or clarifications.

Cumulative Enrollment

Monthly Enrollment


Requirements for Activation/Site Functionality:

- Identification/Designation of a Physician Representative and a Data Abstractor.
- Local IRB project approval.
- Installation of SVIN Registry data dictionary at the local REDCap.
- Development of a data-user agreement with the data coordinating center.

Data Entry/Systematic Quality Checks:

The SVIN Registry platform utilizes REDCap, a browser-based, meta-driven electronic-data capture software for designing and maintaining a research database. Sites prospectively deposit data locally into REDCap. Data is systematically exported and checked for quality, centrally, by the data coordinating center. The SVIN Registry encompasses collection of mandatory and optional variables as part of a very detailed database.

Previously-Existing Local Database?

The SVIN and the SVIN Registry may be able to support re-coding of your previously existing database to match the data vocabulary utilized by the SVIN Registry REDCap project (allowing for data merge).

Available Documents:

1. Full Clinical Research Form (CRF)
2. Color-coded Full CRF (mandatory variables: green / optional variables: yellow)
3. SVIN Registry Bylaws

4. Authorship Criteria
5. Project Proposal Form

Contact for any inquiries:
Diogo Haussen
David Liebeskind
Raul Nogueira

SVIN Registry Graphs

         Cumulative Enrollment
        Enrollment Per Month
        Total Enrollments


SVIN Registry Sites


SVIN Total Enrollment as of August 2021

Grady Memorial Hospital 799
UT Houston 435
Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute 324
Boston Medical Center 240
Valley Baptist Medical Center 239
Cooper University 239
University of Iowa 233
Mount Sinai Health System 191
University of South Alabama 93
Memorial HealthCare System 161
St. Louis University 53
University of Toledo 17




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