Below is a listing of fellowship training programs that currently have openings: 

Cerebrovascular Medicine and Vascular Neurology 
University of New Mexico | Albuquerque, NM

Contact: Bei Ruetten at | 00-1-505-272-3342

Combined Vascular Neurology and Endovascular Surgical Neurology 
Michigan State University | East Lansing, MI

Contact: Anita Parkhurst at | 517-432-9277

Endovascular Surgical Neurology 
UTHealth McGovern Medical School | Houston, TX

Contact: Gina Collier at | 713-704-7375

Endovascular Surgical Neurology 
North Jersey Brain Spine | Oradell, NJ
New Posting!
Contact: Daniel Walzman at danielwalzman@yahoo.com201-983-9052

Endovascular Surgical Neurology
Georgia Augusta University | August, GA

Lisa Parks at  | 706-721-3071

Endovascular Surgical Neurology
Mount Sinai Health System | New York, NY

Angeles Delgado-Skerret at  | 212-241-6267

Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology 
University of Minnesota | Minneapolis, MN 

Contact: Cathie Witzel at | 612-625-1969

Endovascular Surgical Neurology
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics | Iowa City, IA

Contact: Courtney Bork at | 319-467-5463

Endovascular Surgical Neurology
Abington Jefferson Hospital | Abington, PA

Contact: Qaisar A. Shah at | 215-481-5971

Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology 
CentraCare Saint Cloud Hospital | Saint Cloud, MN

Contact: Jenny Mace at | 320-251-2700, Ext. 55791

Interventional Neurology
Saint Louis University School of Medicine | St. Louis, MO 

Contact: Wiwik Sudiar at | 314-577-6161

Neuroendovascular Surgery (NES) at UHS-WMC/Upstate Medical University
New York United Health Service-Wilson Medical Center | Johnson City, NY 
Yahia M Lodi at | 315-663-6020

Stroke/NCC/ESN: Combined Vascular Neurology and Endovascular Surgical Neurology
JFK Medical Center | Edison, NJ
Contact: Lauren Li at | 732-744-5805

Surgical and Interventional Approaches to Pediatric Cerebrovascular Disease
Boston Children's Hospital | Boston, MI
Contact: Arianna Lanpher at | 617-919-1379

Vascular Neurology Fellowship Position  in New Mexico New Posting!
University of New Mexico Health Center | New Mexico
Carlos Abeyta at | 505-272-6356

Vascular Neurology/Neuroendovascular Surgery or Combined Position New Posting!
George Washington University | Washington, DC

Christopher R. Leon Guerrero at: | 202-741-3411

Below are several resources for fellowship training programs.

Click here to view the Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery’s Neurointerventional Training Program Fellowship Directory.

Click here to view American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s Research and Fellowship Opportunities. 

Click here to view the American Association of Neurological Surgeon’s Fellowship Directory.

Click here to view all American Academy of Neurology’s Fellowship Directory.

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