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Qasim Bashir, MD 
Stroke Awareness Campaign in a Developing Country
Pakistan is decades behind the developed world, when it comes to Acute Stroke Therapies including intravenous thrombolysis. After assuming the role of President Pakistan Stroke Society, an aggressive campaign is being carried out after taking into confidence major stake holders-Neurologists across the country. Apart from convincing Neurologists to take leading treating role, socioeconomic hurdles are being addressed to address stroke epidemic.

Qasim Bashir, MD (posted 4/3/2018)
A US trained Stroke & Interventional Neurologist elected as President of Pakistan Stroke Society.

Setting aside a prior tradition, Pakistan Society of Neurology elected/nominated a trained Stroke Neurologist to head the Pakistan Stroke Society. Stroke care in Pakistan especially Acute Stroke therapies to this day are not accessible to the public at large. Such a discrepancy in developing countries like Pakistan with population exceeding 190 million [2016] is associated with existing poor socioeconomic conditions. With cost of thrombolytics, & thrombectomy devices beyond the reach of the general population, developing a robust stroke care system in the country appears a challenging task. After relocating my residence to Pakistan from USA in end 2012, I was able to introduce availability of iv tPA & neuroendovascular therapies within the city of Lahore. But much more needs to be done across the country. Pakistan Society of Neurology & its members have united to promote Acute Stroke Care across the country including public education and training young neurologists in the Vascular Neurology & Interventional Neurology. 

Ritesh Kaushal, MD

CBS NEWS: Florida neurosurgeon uses emergency lights to rush to stroke patients

PRESS RELEASE: FDA Allows Marketing of Clot Retrieval Devices to Reduce Disability in Stroke Patients

CLICK HERE to view the full press release and article.

Italo Linfante, MD, FSVIN, FAHA 

The American Heart Association awards Dr. Linfante the 2016 Cor Vitae Stroke Award. 


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CLICK HERE to view the full Press Release and article.

Qasim Bashir, MD

Interventional Neurology in Pakistan: First Neurologist in the country of 180+million to offer Stroke/Neuroendovascular services. CMH Lahore Medical College, Pakistan.

Michael Abraham, MD

Endovascular mechanical thrombectomy to recanalize an occluded basilar artery in an 11 year old boy.
An 11 year old boy was transferred from Children's Mercy Hospital to the University of Kansas Medical Center due to an acute basilar artery occlusion, identified on CTA. Upon arrival, he was taken directly to the neuroangiography suite and intubated. Mechanical thrombectomy using a Trevo stent-retriever and Penumbra 5 Max Ace aspiration were done to fully recanalize the occluded basilar artery. Please CLICK HERE to view the local ABC new station coverage which includes interview with Dr. Michael Abraham, the patient and his parents. Dr. Abraham explains the endovascular treatment and reviewed the angiography images with them. This story further helps the public in recognizing stroke symptoms as well as supports endovascular stroke treatment in acute ischemic stroke.

Tudor Jovin, MD

SVIN President, Tudor Jovin, leads a groundbreaking stroke study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. 
CLICK HERE to view the original article:"Thrombectomy within 8 Hours after Symptom Onset in Ischemic Stroke"
CLICK HERE to view the recent Press Release on Dr. Jovin's stroke study. 

'At the crossroads of history: SVIN meeting witnesses news that will forever change acute stroke treatment paradigms'

NEW: Tudor Jovin, MD, SVIN President, addresses
the impact of the MR CLEAN trial in his President's Message

Dileep R. Yavagal, MD

Dr. Yavagal Co-lead ( Co-Principal Investigator) of the first US clinical trial of the novel therapy of stem cells for stroke: RECOVER-Stroke.
He was invited to present the final results of the trial at the recent European Stroke Meeting.
CLICK HERE to view the press release from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Reversing Paralysis: Jorge's 'Stroke' Of Luck - News Channel 5
New device helps stroke victim regain movement - NBC 6 Miami

Sunil Sheth, MD

Recipient of the Lawrence M. Brass, MD Stroke Research Award
Sunil Sheth, MD, a clinical instructor and fellow in the division of interventional neuroradiology at the University of California, Los Angeles, received the award for developing a lab test that can diagnose stroke from a single drop of blood. 
CLICK HERE to view the press release by the American Academy of Neurology

Ameer Hassan, MD

Local stroke program improves total thrombolytic treatment in acute stroke via education and research. 
CLICK HERE to view the Fox News interview with SVIN member about the Local stroke program and how we improved total thrombolytic treatment in acute stroke via education and research. Through similar TV interviews and educational campaigns our program was able to improve IV TPA use from 3% to 15% within 18 months. In addition we were able to treat 13% of patients with Endovascular thrombolysis. Our hospital was a swift prime site and is currently a DAWN trial site. 

Johanna FiFi, MD & Vallabh Janardhan, MD

Stroke Video Helps Doctors Act Quickly - ABC News

Italo Linfante, MD

Daring Procedure Allows Bolivian Girl To Walk - CBS Miami, January 26, 2011
Video from
Teen Paralyzed for 4 years walks again -
Niña deshauciada recupera su capacidad de soñar - Telemundo51
Partners in Good Health: What to do when a stroke strikes - Caymen Informed, September 26 2011
Minimally Invasive Aneurysm Treatment - South Florida Today

Sandra Narayanan, MD & Sam Tsappidi, MD

Sandra Narayanan, MD, Samuel Tsappidi, MD, Appointed as Program Directors - Wayne State University School of Medicine


Nils Mueller-Kronast, MD & Ali Malek, MD

Drs. Malek, Mueller treat brain aneurysms with Pipeline embolization device at St. Mary’s - Palm Beach Daily News

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