Open Surveys


SVIN will, from time to time, announce clinical surveys and investigations to the membership in order to allow a broad participation by interested investigators or referral of appropriate subjects. In order for an investigation to be announced, the requestor must comply with the following:

1) Complete Request for Open Survey to SVIN Membership including the rationale of the study and the specific question that will be addressed by your investigation.

2) The study must be IRB approved unless it meets criteria for IRB exempt status.

3) Submit an electronic copy of the IRB approval for filing with the SVIN Executive Office.

4) If the study involves a questionnaire, this must be reviewed and approved by the SVIN Research Committee and approved by the Research Committee Chair and Vice Chair prior to approval of the survey announcement.

5) If the study involves subject participation, the announcement must include a description of the subject’s involvement or provide a web link to a site which describes the following:

a. Objectives of the study

b. Details of subject participation

c. Inclusion and exclusion criteria

d. Potential risks or benefits

All details must be provided to the SVIN Executive Office at The Research Committee Chair and Vice Chair will give Committee Members and the Board at least one week to review and provide feedback. Then the Chair and Vice Chair will make a decision whether to endorse distributing the survey based on the criteria established above and feedback from Committee members.

SVIN will limit survey announcements to no more than two (2) per month on a first come first served basis (conditional to approval) with a limit of one (1) reminder to be sent within 30 days of the original announcement.

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