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The field of Interventional Neurology is ripe for the entry of young, brilliant minds who will be the next generation of leaders in the field.

Interventional Neurology is a fast growing field of what can be best described as minimally invasive endovascular and percutaneous procedures mainly pertaining to the head, neck and spine.

The Interventional Neurologist is an expert at treating conditions such as strokes, aneurysms, vascular malformations and carotid artery disease.

The training for a neurologist typically includes:

  • medical school(4 years)
  • a residency in neurology (4 years)
  • a fellowship in Vascular Neurology (1 to 2 years) or Neuro-critical care (2 years)
  • fellowship training in Interventional Neurology (2 years). 


The COSIGN group can play an important role in your career. 

To quote from the Stanford COSIGN group (http://www.stanford.edu/group/co-sign), "The purpose of our group is to connect undergraduates to the larger neuroscience community including faculty, graduate students, and researchers and to facilitate the communication and involvement of those with a common interest in neurological sciences through a number of different events and activities such as professor luncheons, research lab tours, student-initiated courses, community outreach programs, biotechnology firm presentations, and more. "

Please contact your COSIGN group for further information.


Medical Students

Useful information from the AAN regarding The Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) program.

The Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) program is a network of more than 150 chapters in medical schools across the United States and Canada. SIGN fosters medical student interest in neurology by providing opportunities to participate in clinical, research, and service activities in neurology, increasing the student's neurologic knowledge, and creating an interest in the AAN.

Free SIGN membership will enable you to:

  • Socialize with students, residents, and faculty who share your interest in neurology
  • Shadow neurologists
  • Attend patient presentations and seminars
  • Develop experience, leadership, and valuable contacts
  • Join the nationwide SIGN network
  • Meet other SIGN members at the Annual Meeting
  • Apply for SIGN scholarships (Learn more)
    • $3,000 Summer Research Scholarship
    • $1,000 AAN Annual Meeting Scholarship
  • Free AAN Membership. Join the AAN.

PLUS, each SIGN chapter receives $400 a year in expense reimbursement

View the SIGN Reference Manual for more details.

Want to find out more about what to expect from a neurology clerkship program? Or looking for helpful hints on selecting and applying to a residency program? Read the article Finding Neuroimages on the Internet.

The AAN keeps medical students informed on how to take the next step in the field of neurology.

Useful links: http://www.aan.com/go/education/students/medical



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