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Simple Queries

    A simple query searches for words, and their derivatives. For example, entering "find" will return documents containing: "find", "finding" or "finds". However, while entering the word "All" will find documents containing the word "all" it will not return documents containing "allegorical" as that is not a derivative.


    You can use wildcards to broaden the scope of the search. * inserts zero or more "wild" alphanumeric characters. All* will return documents containing both "all" and "allegorical". Avoid using the asterisk as the first character in a search.

    ? Inserts a single "wild" alphanumeric character. Case is ignored.


    You can enter multiple words separated by commas: software, Microsoft, Oracle. The comma is treated like OR. This search would return documents containing any of the three listed words. If you omit the comma the search is for the entire phrase - so documents would be searched for software Microsoft Oracle.


    You may modify your search by the inclusion of AND, OR and NOT operators. However, care must be taken with the order they are entered. For example, AND operators take precedence over OR operators. To ensure that an OR operator is interpreted prior to an AND operator, you can use parentheses to enclose the OR operator as follows:

    "(a OR b) and C" will return documents containing A and C, or documents containing B and C. Alternatively, "a OR b and C" will return documents containing a or documents containing b and c.


    Score indicates the relative frequency the selected word or phrase is found (including derivatives - or wildcard results) in a given document.

Title/file name

    Where the document is an HTML file - the information specified as the title will be presented. If it is a Word document, PDF file or other file - then the file name will be presented.


    Summary presents the best three sentences or 500 characters of the document returned by the search.

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