Women's Speaker Registry

The Women’s Speaker Registry is a multi-societal initiative started in 2021 to promote better representation of women in the fields of Vascular Neurology and Neuroendovascular Surgery. The SVIN Women in vascular and Interventional Neurology (WIN) sub-committee started the registry in collaboration with the Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery (SNIS). The registry facilitates the identification of women and their areas of expertise and interests upon which they can provide lectures or serve as moderators. Thus far, the registry has served as a source of reference for national and international societal meetings, webinars, and educational opportunities. A goal is to collaborate across societies and specialties, seeking to continually support the growth of women in this area and as leaders in the field. 




SVIN Mentorship Program

Mentorship is central to physicians' training and career development at nearly all stages.  The word "Mentor" comes from the name of a teacher in Homer's epic poem The Odyssey. In modern usage, mentorship means a selfless relationship guided by a wiser and more experienced person. In medicine, trainees and early career physicians benefit from mentorship, helping to nurture their professional development and expanding their opportunities. However, the path to finding a well-suited mentor is not always clear. Thus, the mentorship program through the Women in Vascular and Interventional Neurology (WIN) sub-committee seeks to facilitate these imperative connections.

Fostering a one-on-one mentor-mentee relationship can allow personal and professional growth for both participants. This relationship may include advising on clinical and research matters; imparting knowledge on career choices, professional development, and work-life balance; and advocacy to help build relationships or connections. As the field and practice of medicine are continually evolving, the role and activities of mentorship should also evolve.

The WIN mentorship program is a unique networking and career development opportunity to connect and benefit from the knowledge and experiences of successful and established mentors in Vascular Neurology and Neuroendovascular Surgery. As a pilot initiative, we are currently promoting the development of a women mentor-mentee model. Lessons learned should help lead the way to an inclusive mentorship program.

MENTEE ENROLLMENT FORM (for individuals wishing to receive mentorship)

MENTOR ENROLLMENT FORM (for individuals wishing to provide mentorship)

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