Social Media & Digital Strategy Committee

Committee Charge:
The Social Media & Digital Strategy Committee will work with in cooperation with SVIN leadership, other Committees, and the Executive Office to identify opportunities to create and aid in the publication of information that is relevant to SVIN members through the newsletter, website, social media, and email campaigns. The Social Media & Digital Strategy Committee aims to grow SVIN's audience and digital reach through new strategies and campaigns.

Committee Members Year Started on Committee Terms Served
Chair: Fawaz Al-Mufti 2018 2
Mohammad El-Ghanem
2019 1
Jaydevsinh Dolia 2020 1
Ameer Hassan 2018 2
Daniel Vela-Duarte 2018 2
Harris Kamal 2019 1
Italo Linfante 2018 2
Mikayel Grigoryan 2018 2
Gurmeen Kaur 2020 1
Krishna Amuluru 2020 1
Kasra Khatibi 2018 2
Eugene Lin 2018 2
Yahya Atalay 2018 2
Hamidreza Saber 2018 2
Kaustabh Limaye 2018 2
Alhamza Al-Bayati 2018 2
Tanzila Shams 2021 1
Juan Carlos Martinez Gutierrez 2021 1


Volunteers are appointed for a two-year term and are eligible to serve a maximum of three terms on any one committee.

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