FSVIN Membership

Alex Abou-Chebl, MD


Sophia Janjua, MD


Thanh Nguyen, MD

Arani Bose, MD


Tudor Jovin, MD


Raul Nogueira, MD

Randall Edgell, MD


Jawad Kirmani, MD        


Robin Novakovic, MD

Brian-Fred Fitzsimmons, MD


Italo Linfante, MD


Edgard Periera, MD

Rishi Gupta, MD


Ali Malek, MD


Andrew Xavier, MD

Vallabh Janardhan, MD


Niles Mueller, MD


Dileep Yavagal, MD

Ossama Mansour, MD
      Steve Cordina, MD
      Osama Zaidat, MD
Diogo Haussen, MD
      Qaisar Shah, MD
      Ameer Hassan, MD
Ashutosh Jadhav, MD       Amer Malik, MD       Sandra Narayanan, MD
Rakesh Khatari, MD       Johanna Fifi, MD      

David Liebeskind, MD

Mouhammad Jumaa, MD

      Edgar Samaniego, MD       Maxim Mokin, MD
Alicia Castonguay, PhD       Robin Novakovic, MD       Sunil Sheth, MD
Santiago Guitterez, MD                


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