BSES Live Instructor Training Course

Posted: 08/06/2018

Basic Stroke Emergency Support (BSES) Course hosted LIVE!

Minneapolis, Minnesota (August 6, 2018) – Society of Vascular and Interventional Neurology

Two BSES live courses with 40 people in attendance were hosted live by Dr. Sam Zaidat at Mercy Health St. Vincent’s annual Stroke Symposium.  

Attendees of the live course provided positive feedback and shared their thoughts, “The Basic Stroke Emergency Support (BSES) course is a great resource for health care personnel and the public alike to learn about stroke signs and symptoms and what to do when your loved ones encounter stroke.”

Dr. Zaidat shared his vision of BSES becoming a part of our public health education foundation, similar to courses such as CPR and BLS.  After hosting the first BSES live course, Zaidat stated, “It is a must for everyone to equip themselves with vital knowledge of stroke that they may need at any time.  I encourage everyone to get certified in BSES every two years.  It is critical for the public, allied health care and retirement community personnel, nursing homes, senior day cares, and elderly sitters to complete the BSES course.”

The BSES Instructor Training course was launched online this week.  The successful completion of this course will allow hospitals and institutions to host future BSES Live courses.  Visit for details in hosting your live course NOW!

For questions about BSES, the BSES Instructor Training course, or how to host a BSES Live course, please contact

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